Family garden designed with a hot tub in Hemel Hempstead

 Garden before construction


The whole family had a say in this garden. John wanted a hot tub and Claire a beautiful, colourful garden which wouldn’t enslave her.


The children needed lawn space to play on and somewhere for their trampoline. Everyone wanted to eat out on the patio. And we had strict instructions not to damage the Wisteria!


The site was difficult. It sloped down into a dark pointed corner, heavily shaded by large trees and a thick evergreen hedge along the rear boundary.


To bring light into the garden the hedge was grubbed out and, an open pallisade fence was installed along the perimeter.

Sketch of design proposal


The lawn was broken into two levels by a central bed. Sleeper raised beds surrounded the new patio allowing the hot tub to drop down behind it.


The tub was enclosed by lath trellis - for privacy.


Small spaces were found for seating areas. Simple low-maintenance planting softened the lines.


“We are thrilled with the garden and are very grateful for the care and attention you gave the project from the outset. It looks fabulous even now, in late autumn, and we are excited to see what the next year brings as each season unfolds”

C & J M - Hemel Hempstead

photography © alex pikal

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photography © alex pikal

all rights reserved